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Dynamic Equity Partners


Dynamic Equity Partners is an investment group based in Huntingdon Valley, PA. We lend money against non owner occupied properties only.  This means we will lend against a property whereas its actual owner does not occupy it.  Dynamic Equity Partners services all of its notes unless it has been purchased by another investor.  We seek to help borrowers who are in need of funds to do any kind of business as long as the borrower is able to put up a non-owner occupied property as collateral.  Other forms of collateral are accepted only on a limited case by case basis.  We also seek to help investors who have a thirst for small risk investments which will end up with high rates of return.   

We specialize in the following:

- Cash-out loans for Non-Owner Occupied property

- Purchase Money Financing for a borrower that will be purchasing a Non-Owner Occupied property

- Rehab and Construction loans

- Selling off the notes in our portfolio

- Investment Note Management

Dynamic Equity Partners offers financing only in the following counties in Pennsylvania and no where else:  Bucks, Montgomery, Philadelphia, Delaware.  Dynamic Equity Partners was founded by Kirk Ayzenberg, a real estate investor.

The bulk of our financing options is funded through our relationships with real estate investors.  Our investors trust us to put their money to work for them and we do this by converting their money into security instruments and securing a first lien position onto our borrowers collateral. All collateral is valued at a signifantly higher value than the actual investment.

  DISCLAIMER: This is a private partnership therefore investments are not guaranteed by the FDIC. Dynamic Equity Partners is not a registered security with the Securities & Exchange Commission. All investments are by invitation-only. Be sure to consult your    
  attorney, accountant, and/or other licensed professional needed before considering any investment or partnership with Dynamic Equity Partners.

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